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AspxCommerce is an open source customizable, reliable and flexible e-Commerce solution for merchants with growing businesses. The features of AspxCommerce are as below :-

  • Complete e-Commerce  solution Built on top of SageFrame
  • Contains both catalog front-end and administrative backend tools
  • ASP.NET 3.5 based and higher with a MS SQL 2005 (or higher) backend database and jQuery
  • Easy to install and set up, only requires basic website knowledge and computer skills
  • Create website in minutes
  • Optimized for search engines

Catalog Management and Browsing

Catalog management and browsing allows users to find products by browsing the catalog hierarchy. Catalog browsing also assists users to find products in large categories or search results by group category.
Catalog management and browsing Feature in AspxCommerce open source e-Commerce includes:
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Product Management and Browsing

AspxCommerce provides product management feature to support your business by assisting you to represent your items in various ways so that it gets viewed and purchased.
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Search Engine Optimization

AspxCommerce is search optimized so that pages get indexed by all search engines.  SEO pulls more potential customers to your store when customers are looking for a store or product via search engines. SEO features like ability to set separate Meta tags, Meta keywords and Meta description by page, category and items comes integrated in the page structures.
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Order Management

Order Management feature in AspxCommerce e-Commerce solution allows you to view the orders made by the customers, create invoice/receipt and shipment record for sales order.
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AspxCommerce an open source e-Commerce solution allows various shipping options. With the use of AspxCommerce shipping method  you can use the various shipping services that you may have in your country (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.,). Free shipping discounts can also be created for order amounts, as a part of promotional offers.
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Analytic and Report Offering

Analytic is the key to knowing what is going on in your website. Most importantly, AspxCommerce comes integrated with Google Analytics. Hence, it provides you the day-to-day performance of your store order status, most viewed items, etc.
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Checkout in AspxCommerce is quick, easy and it’s a complete checkout and payment service for e-Commerce retailers. Checkout by AspxCommerce enables customers to use shipping addresses, payment information and checkout either as a guest or a registered user.
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Site Management

AspxCommerce site management feature ensures the best  performance of your store from managing the multiple store through single admin panel to granting various roles to various users.
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Payment Methods

AspxCommerce Ecommerce cart solution comes integrated with a variety of major online payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize.Net just to name a few. AspxCommerce has the plug-in architecture for payment gateways as well. Customers can pay via check /money order or any other available payment extensions as its easily integrated with AspxCommerce.
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Product Service for your Customers

AspxCommerce comprises of the backend tools that  increases customer satisfaction with the self-service. Customers can view order history and order statuses in the site itself. They can add products to the wish list and compare the multiple product features.
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Customer Account

Accounts offer your customers the ability to track recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, primary shipping address, shopping cart, wish list, recently ordered items, recent reviews and recent tags. Orders are editable until the order gets processed.
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Web Based Control Panel

AspxCommerce comprises of web-based control panel that has a password protected administrative access. Moreover, you as an owner can control the cart from any corner of the world using your own web browser.
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For Developers

AspxCommerce is an ASP.NET based E-Commerce solution that specializes in delivering what developers need to create and manage a fully functional online store.

The features of AspxCommerce are as follows

  • Full control over source code
  • Custom Development
  • Open and extensible architecture
  • Authentication and Role based security
  • User and developer friendly URL management

AspxCommerce has a fully open and extensible architecture. Most importantly, developers will have the full control over the HTML code, graphic design, site structure and navigation. Developers can also extend the features to meet their requirements by simply creating and adding the dynamic modules. Developers can extend function of jQuery used in AspxCommerce and use them as per their need.

For Designers

Designers will have total control while developing their AspxCommerce site. They can easily change the layout without affecting the code.

  • Highly Customizable themes
  • Design, code developed in fixed and standard format
  • Layout and structures definable
  • Quick Installation and instant function ability
  • Total Control

The design and code of AspxCommerce's developed in a fixed and standard format. Thus, designers have total control while designing their AspxCommerce site.They can easily set their sites' unique looks and feels without affecting the code. Also, the AspxCommerce themes are highly customizable.

So, how does AspxCommerce allow you to maintain complete control over the design of your website? We have developed AspxCommerce using Model View Controller Architecture, this means:-

  • You can easily manage how each part of  your website's displayed.
  • Create different landing pages for different audiences.
  • Set a flexible product page design to compliment the variation in products.
  • AspxCommerce provides control over how your site looks.

For Merchants

AspxCommerce, an open source E-Commerce solution, is a complete package for  new or existing merchants who need to design, configure, customize, manage and open their online storefront.
Other important features for merchants are :-

  • SEO friendly site architecture
  • Popular and stable .Net Technology
  • Web-based Control Panel
  • Site Management Offering
  • Flexible Shipping Tool

Please have a look at how AspxCommerce works at this image:-

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