How do I sell a downloadable product online?
Ishu Subedi
Most of the e-commerce solutions in the market focus on selling physical goods. But what if you want to sell intangible goods such as Software, MP3 or eBooks? A simple Google search can deluge you with unsolicited results that might only add up to your confusion in determining the best solution. Therefore finding an easy and secure e-commerce has become a daunting task. And unfortunately, most of us don’t even know where to turn to.

Allow us to acquaint you with AspxCommerce - an easy and flexible e-commerce that offers the best service to sell downloadable items, such as - Software, Music, Movies, Digital Art, Manuals, Forms, Files and likewise . Moreover, with an automated billing and shipping system in AspxCommerce users can deliver the products to customers instantly after payment. It’s really slick.

AspxCommerce is available for FREE. To add to your delight and help you get an insight of what AspxCommerce beholds for you business, we have prepared a free demo tour for you. You may also try the quick demo as a seller or even a buyer. This should definitely help you evaluate the features AspxCommerce has on offer. You can refer to video on YouTube to learn to add a simple product on AspxCommerce.

So here’s a quick tip to help you create a downloadable product on your AspxCommerce store -

Once you have logged in to the system, navigate to Admin>AspxCommerce>Catalog>Manage Items. Click on ‘Add new item’ button which follows up with ‘Create item settings’ fields. On the ‘Item type’ option select ‘downloadable product’ from the drop down and click ‘Continue’.

You are now prompted to ‘Add new item’ page.Move to ‘Download Information’ tab, fill out the details such as ‘Title’, ‘Maximum Download’ and choose product sample and actual file to upload from your computer.

Complete the info as you would add a simple product and click the ‘Save Item’ button to save your downloadable product.

Now simply do a test purchase to see if it has worked for you.
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