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Sudip Sharma

The invention of Internet revolutionized our lifestyle in several ways one of which is the way we consume our daily products and even services. More and more people are using the internet to order, receive and use daily products. This online activity of consuming goods or services through the use of internet is called e-commerce. Wikipedia defines “buying and selling of products or services” through internet as e-commerce however it also includes “online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services.” The most vital tools for setting up an e-commerce is based on the development, deployment and maintenance of an online store. Each of these steps requires significant effort from the side of site owners and or developers.

Development of a web store is a daunting task in itself. Since each web store has a specific objective, business model and range of products on sale, you need to design the web site accordingly. We can see different business models on premium web sites such as E-bay, Amazon, Clickbank, and Google. However, most of the web sites on the net are set up to sell products that range from everyday goods like – soaps, shoes, tyres or cars to immobile assets such as real estates and heavy machinery equipments. The major challenge is to build and set up well thought and designed web store which requires significant investment and time.

Once you have finished developing the web store, you need to be deploy it – in order to deploy a web site, the web owner needs a host that is fast, reliable and compatible with the hardware requirements of the designed website. More importantly the web site should be secure. The site owner also needs to have a strategy to market the whole web site. These strategies might be in the form of search engine optimizations, social commerce strategies and or other forms of paid advertisements.

Finally, you need to administer and maintain the web site you have developed. The web owner needs to know about the transactions taking place at his/her website, the sources of revenue, the effectiveness of the advertisements, well planned catalogue management system, the ease of payments and the site navigation, developed order management system and an efficient site administrative panel. Then and only then your chances to succeed in a highly competitive online web store gets materialized.

AspxCommerce is designed to provide all the above mentioned logistics and support required for a successful online store. You will truly marvel at its SEO (search engine optimization) and user friendliness, its integration with Google analytics, the artistic look and feel of the deployed site, impressive order management system, quick easy and secure checkout service and effective overall site administration. The best part of AspxCommerce is that it is an open-source Software its community edition if free to use.

Try AspxCommerce once and I am sure you will not regret your decision!
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