5 eCommerce trends to look forward in 2014
Pritika Shrestha
ecommerce trends in 2014

With the fourth week of the New Year cruising in, many new trends for the e-commerce has made its way through. 2013 was overall a successful year for ecommerce and 2014 has even more sound promises to keep. The strategies are getting better every minute and it is very necessary that you update yourself to the new changes and challenges. So let’s check out some of the ecommerce trends that have been predicted for the year 2014.
Multichannel selling and its growth
The importance of multi-channel selling is playing a significant role in extending your e-commerce business. A simple ecommerce site with an online catalog is not enough anymore to run a successful business on the web. The small and medium sized businesses need to expand their boundaries by including different shopping feeds, outlets and in-videos. Multichannel has been quoted as the ‘megatrend’ for this year and is predicted to last for many more years to come. 
Convenience of Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices 
As the usage of internet in smartphones and tablets is increasing, so is the purchase of online products through them. According to the Custora High Growth E-commerce Index, more than 40% of online shopping was done through mobile devices on ‘Mobile Friday’- the 2013 Black Friday. The statistics clearly depicts that this trend is bound to keep on increasing in the upcoming years and there will be an abounding number of online shoppers in a few years time. It therefore comes as an indispensable need for small or medium businesses to optimize their sites on multiple touchpoints so that customers can shop anywhere anytime without deteriorating the user experience and performance. Also with new gadgets like gears and smart watches known as wearables around the corner, the businesses should upgrade themselves on a regular basis.
Everything around is changing and so is Google’s algorithm. Google has been seriously updating the algorithm in order to provide the best advantage to its servers. This means that the SEO schemes also need to be optimized with time including original, unique and quality content. The small and medium sized businesses should focus more on blog posts, videos, forums and other types of social media that will be more useful to the customers.
Payment and shipping
Another new trend in the e-commerce business is free and faster shipping. This means that the businesses should opt for striking methods to attract customers. Free shipping will not only make the users happy but will also retain them, turning them into a loyal customer in the long run. The small and medium sized businesses that cannot afford free and faster shipping should go for other innovative ideas like sending a heart-warming personal message or a bouquet of flowers along with the delivery. Moreover, we have also witnessed the birth of international online enterprise commerce lately. The customers can now directly purchase from the manufacturing companies, which in return can save a lot of time and money as well. There are shipping platforms like ePacket that help in international shipment making the process very fast, reliable and inexpensive.
Products on-demand from consumers
This year the businesses need to focus on the demands of the consumers. Consumers want original and unusual products and the businesses need to find a method to balance it with happy customers on one hand and profit on the other. Some businesses have started offering customers the control of designing and modifying their purchase before the manufacturing process actually begins. This gives a head start to both the customers and the businesses, thus increasing their reliability, efficiency and ultimately profitability. 
These are some of the latest trends expected to bring big waves in the e-commerce industry creating equal opportunities to consumers and businesses alike. With better services provided to the customers, the business is likely to bloom and attract newer customers, and that in turn means satisfied customers completing a proper business circuit.
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