Amazon Droneā€¦ on its Way to Revolutionize E-commerce
Anuradha Sharma
Amazon Octocopter Drone

How about an automated aerial robot actually delivering your package to your doorstep? Sounds futuristic? Exactly! Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer, recently unveiled its plan for using Octocopter drones to deliver packages. That’s right! There will be drones flying right to your yards and dropping off the orders in no more than 30 minutes. This technology could completely reinvent eCommerce and truly be the proverbial nail in the coffin for brick and mortar stores. It won’t be long before all physical stores move online. And here is AspxCommerce helping you create an online store in minutes! Come, ride on the wave that is sweeping e-Commerce ever so swiftly.
On December 1, 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced about ‘Amazon Prime Air’ – a delivery service that use unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver packages less than five pounds in weight.  It is still in its development phase. Once put into work, this service is supposed to revolutionize the way we realize e-Commerce. And rightly so! As a buyer, each one of us would absolutely love the idea of swift delivery-that too by an ultra modern flying robot! It sure is enjoyable and essential at the same time. Besides, doesn’t it strike as an embodiment of the futuristic fantasy we all enjoyed in sci-fi movies?
However, it might take a while before the plan fully materializes since there are many who believe that the world is not  yet ready to take on such endeavors . Many hurdles lay in the way. The first of which is the FAA certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs to permit the company to use the skies for flying these robots. The issue of security also comes off as a major hurdle since flying objects could be easy targets for stealing and other illegal activities. Also, once permitted there will certainly be an issue of air traffic to worry about. Such problems in the area of logistics, technology and regulations abound and are  preventing Amazon drones to take off at once. In fact, several drone industry experts are now accusing Amazon of doing nothing more than staging a public relations stunt.
Debates surfacing for and against any new technology is nothing new. Ofcourse there are hurdles but looking at the way the world is now progressing in the front of e-commerce, latest technologies are always welcome. Getting past hurdles is the only burning issue here, not withdrawing the concept as a whole. Gone are the days when shopping used to be a physical activity of walking around with a bag and a pocketful of money. Everything now happens in an instant and that's what preferred. Deliveries made by flying robots is yet another commercial leap that Amazon wants to take. It definitely promotes  e-commerce and in the process, it is setting a future where shopping would completely shift to the online sphere!

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